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Storm Damage Roof Repair Specialists

We are the Storm Damage Roof Repair Specialists of Maryland

No one beats our skill and years of experience in storm damage roof restoration.

We think our 20 plus years of experience in storm damage roof repair and replacement makes us the most qualified roofing contractor for this type of repair.

Maryland weather can be unpredictable and a threat to your roof but we continue to work our expertise in restoring roofs, time and time again.

A quick look through our extensive 5-Star reviews will show you that clients who have chosen us for storm damage roof repair have become advocates for our prowess in this specific type of roof repair.

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Storm Damage roof repair Services

Janine L.

Storm Damage Roof Repair

A recent wind storm ripped a portion of our roofing off. It was hanging by a thread, banging against my infant son’s nursery and needed immediate attention. 

Brian was very responsive, and sent someone to address the issue on the same day that I called him. I’m delighted All Work LLC was willing to do the repair in such a timely manner! 

Our existing roof will require some additional attention. Brian gave us several options for repair, at different price points to decide on. Thank you!




Toni E.

Maryland Roof Replacement

I had severe wind and storm damage to my roof and siding back in November. They temporarily fixed what they could, tarped certain areas of concern repeatedly until insurance was set in motion. 

Brian was proficient in making sure the job got done beautifully. Super happy with our new roof and siding on our home. 

Looks like a new model home now.

 Definitely will use for future home projects.






Rojhin H.

Roof Repair Storm Damage

If you are dealing with your insurance company, call All Work LLC. They are the best. 

Honest, respectful, fast people I have ever seen. 

They saved us from paying tons of money for replacing our roof.

Insurance company (Geico) just paid me $800, but All Work LLC somehow were able to negotiate with them to pay almost all the replacement cost.

I recommend them to every one. They are the best.






Step #1

First, we properly document your loss caused by the storm damage completely and ensure your policy conditions are met.

Step #2

Next, we present the claim after preparing a comprehensive storm damage estimate. We rely on our extensive knowledge of roofing materials and storm damage roof restoration to get you the most for your claim.

Step #3

Then we eliminate the hassle for you by handling all correspondence with your insurer or mortgage company. We even obtain the experts for you as needed.

Step #4

Then we stay in communication with you throughout the entire claims process so you know exactly what is happening at all times.

The Types of Storm Damage Your roof Might Have

Roof Damage From Wind

Unlike other roof storm damage causes, high winds usually hit your roof from multiple directions, causing most noticeable damage to the edges of the roof.

If there are parts of your roof that are already loose, high wind storms can tear off shingles, exposing the unprotected parts of your roof to water damage and decay.

Roof damage from wind, like missing shingles and falling debris, can become a serious repair if left unchecked.

Storm Damage Roof Replacement Specialists of Maryland

Water Damage to Roof by Rain

By a long shot, rain is the most common cause of roof storm damage.

The issue with water damage to you roof is that it goes unnoticed. Excessive raining, high winds and hail work together to allow water to get past the roofs protective layer and begin causing leaks in your home.

Moisture issues like this can cause larger more expensive repairs like mold, rotten wood and other structural damages.

At the first sign of a leak, give us a call and we will have someone on-site as soon as possible.

Roof Damage By Hail

Roof hail damage is the most dangerous of the types of roof storm damage causes because it combines the impact damage of falling debris that is usually associated with high winds with the added danger of ice and water damage.

Mist commonly, roof damage from hail will cause a loss of graduals on your shingles, which is the sand paper-like texture on the surface of your roof shingles.

It's very important that after a hail storm, you visually inspect your roof from the ground. If shingles appear to be loose, missing or damaged, we recommend you call your preferred roofing contractor to give you a roof inspection.

Roof Damage By Hail

Our Maryland Storm Damage Roof Repair Service Area

20+ Years of Experience Restoring Storm Damaged Roofs and Exteriors

Service Areas include Parkville, Overlea, Cockeysville, Timonium, Towson and more.

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